1. mstf37

    Ancheer AM001907 restoration

    Hello!, I have found Ancheer ebike for a really good price. Motor and controller was working but it needed some love!. I get it and started to work on. The first thing I did was to change the rear tire tube because it was torn (literally). However, after changing the tube, the motor stop...
  2. kneebenderbiker

    Atlas throttle option suggestions; on & off the handlebars.

    Hello Atlas owners and anyone with suggestions. I would like ideas about how one might be able to have an Atlas and throttle but be able to attach and detach the throttle easily. I don't (yet) have an Atlas but seriously considering it. I also want a throttle and while OH SO MANY hate the...
  3. S

    Waterproofing my connections

    Wanted any help in ways to waterproof my connections and controller. I’ve read about siliconing the controller and connections After putting on dielectric grease. Liquid tape has been suggested along with electrical tape. There is also ACF50 or corrosion x. I was thinking the liquid tape or...
  4. F

    Speed for low price

    I want to get an ebike (or a moped or motorcycle) that can go up to at least 55kph and is under 3000$ CAD (or a little bit more if it’s really necessary). I am willing to build/modify it if need be but I don’t want something that looks like a DIY project done by a 12yo. I already got a Sondors...
  5. C

    Hello From SWFL

    Hi - my wife and I retired to SWFL in 2016 and enjoy it here. We ride with the SWFL Critical Mass. Just bought two Lectric XP 2.0 Step Thru foldable eBikes thinking I would take them camping in a shuttle bus we are converting to a motor home. I have released that I have made an expensive...
  6. Jqke H

    Another BBSHD range thread (Full Throttle Range)

    I know there are dozens of other threads far too similar to this one, and I really don't mean to be an annoyance (I'm a noobie in this e-bike, and even bicycle, world), but I have some questions on the range I will get from my new setup. I ordered my BBSHD (with the ludicrous tune) from luna a...
  7. Jokerro

    Electric bicycle battery repair/diy

    Hello there! I recently purchased an e-bike (Batavus Padova Easy) with semi dead BMS, semi it's because it allowed the batteries to be charged fully, and that's good because it allowed me to test them, and once I did, I noticed that the batteries are OK, they hold charge decently, not dropping...
  8. N

    Here's a Origami Bicycle Crane folding 20" road bike w/ BBS02 I did a few years ago!

    So Origami Bicycles makes these really cool analog folding bike kits that come shipped in a normal checked baggage luggage suitcase, and inside the luggage is a trailer kit to turn the suitcase into a bike trailer, along with these highly functional 20" bikes for road touring. We got them for...
  9. R

    Kit for 24" E-MTB

    Hey folks, I’m new and just accidently posted this same thread in Rules and Etiquette, sorry! I’ve had a couple ebikes and they don’t really ever feel comfortable (I’m 5’7). Current bike is 2018 RadCity 16” so it’s pretty good fit but I just don’t like the geometry. Recently, I saw the Zooz BMX...
  10. ewingcorp

    Help making my first e-bike

    I would like to make an e-bike from my current mountain bike. My bike looks something like this: LINK However, all of the kits I saw wouldn't seem to fit my bike. (I would prefer ready to set-up kits) I would prefer something that would cost below 400$ total and maybe reach speeds of over 20mph...
  11. R

    My 2004 Electra Rat Fink ebike conversion

    Hi everyone, Thought I'd finally join this forum after seeing the great community helping each other out, apologies as I am a bit of a newbie to ebike world, but am enjoying it so much when it works, it really suits the cruiser style of bike and has been immense fun to ride. I have an Electra...
  12. J.R.

    DIY -vs- Purpose Built ($1k -vs- $10k)

    Fair enough comparison. Not all encompassing; the purpose built, factory bike has better gearing and suspension for off road. The comparison doesn't go deep into the ride experience. Still both are 250 watts, big batteries and torque sensing. I'm really impressed with the kit bike! A lot for the...
  13. F

    Have old dirty bike. What chinese motor to use?

    Haven't used this bike since 2018 December, I read that I need to clean up the chains (remove rust, oil it up) What kit do you guys recommend? Needs to be cheap, and chinese. A cheap battery would be a benefit, but I have the skills to solder/wire up a pack my self
  14. J.R.

    Electric Motorbike Build

    Not an ebike and not claiming to be, hence the placement of this in the off topic sub forum. It is part bike and all electric, but it is a motorcycle. If you like seeing talented people create, you'll enjoy this.
  15. GBananas

    Hot glued battery packs

    So, I am relatively new to the whole DIY battery building thing, but I've gone through a good amount of trial and error already. My latest issue is with the hot glue holding my cells together, it just doesn't stick all that well lol. I feel like hot glueing is the most common way of building...
  16. GBananas

    Battery overheating

    Could really use some helpful tips right now. I built a 52v battery and the thing is overheating so bad, to the point that the hot glue actually melted and it was too hot to touch. My first thought is that the amps are maybe too high for the controller, but I'm not sure. I used samsung 30q...
  17. R

    Can I Ditch the Car? Speed Commuter with Some Cargo Needs

    Hi All, I am new to the forum and have been browsing for several weeks. Lots of great info here, albeit somewhat overwhelming! I would love some input on my situation. I will try to be brief while providing the necessary details! My wife and I pulled the trigger this month on a minivan. This...
  18. L

    Senior Project Design with DC Brushed Motor

    Hi all, I’m studying electrical engineering at university and I’m working on putting together an electric bike for my senior project . I have an old brushed DC hub motor and three new rechargeable 12V lead-acid batteries that have a capacity of 15Ah each. I also have a bike frame that fits my...
  19. net200777

    Help please choosing

    I've been studying bikes for some time the past two years. I was one of those ones that scoffed at spending even a couple of thousand on electric bike let alone a normal bike. These days I've come to appreciate quality but also knowing how to make a dollar stretch even still. I'm torn in...
  20. Marc02

    Question about diy build

    Hello I want to make my regular bike electric And I have a question. can I use the existing gear sprocket on the rear cassette to put a chain on going to the motor.or do I need a separate drive gear Thanks.marco