bafang ultra

  1. Tom@WashDC

    Frey Savannah Ultra - Cross Country (CC)

    Sorry for any redundancy. Posting this to the Frey Forum after I posted the unboxing to the General Discussion Forum. Received a tracking number from "Kathy" at Frey Bike 3-4 business days after submitting my order. Tracking number gave an estimate of 10 days for delivery. Bike shipped out of...
  2. R

    Bafang ultra Motor issue collecting dirt

    I recently purchased a bike with a bafang ultra motor after 3 months the motor seized and stopped working. After returning the motor to the bike shop they said the motor had got dirt in it was on the way to burning out and that I was responsible. All I’ve done is ride on bitumen bike paths. I’m...
  3. E

    Ultra motor with failed secondary gear bearing

    I've got a new Ultra Beast from Biktrix (Bafang Ultra), about 200 km on it. Noticed that if I crank pedals with motor OFF I can hear the entire motor being turned over and can feel the resistance. Biktrix has been helping me troubleshoot via emails/videos sent back and forth. Have determined...
  4. Csubi

    Apex Luna VS Biktrix Juggernaut Ultra FS Pro

    Hello! Yes, I am very new to this this world of Ebikes. I have been kicking tires, and reading up some about these bikes. For my size and needs I have narrowed it down to the 2 bikes mentioned in the title. *I am 6ft, 260lb -bike will be used for commuting, trails, errands, and pleasure...
  5. pushkar

    UC Pro Carbon Diamond frame pictures, Colors

    Woohoo .. the carbon frame is being finalized in the coming few days. I expect the production to start in 2-4 weeks once the testing is done I wanted to share a couple of items today 1. Pictures of the 3D printed frame (for testing only) 2. A couple of color options 3D printed sample 1...
  6. D.Unwin

    Bafang Ultra Alternative Settings For Basic, Pedal Assist & Throttle Handle..

    I found these settings online & thought they might be helpful, it is something I will be trying out once my Frey arrives, please feel free to add your own proven settings for a smoother ride from the Bafang Ultra Motor. The link to the website is at the bottom... Basic tab: Remember to...
  7. pushkar

    UC Pro Step through frame prototype build pics. Painting / Decal / lights etc will be done in Boston.

    Hey everyone. We just got the step through build done. Here are some initial pictures. Please note - we are evaluating the frame only at this point. Here are some key takeaways to focus on. We will paint it with prismatic colors and put actual decals on it here in Boston. Please ignore the...
  8. D

    Cassette durability! Convert to SRAM EX1? Try Rohloff E14, Nuvinci n360?

    Hey all, I ride a bafang ultra based ebike. I keep going through cassettes, at a rate of about 1 cassette every 200-300 miles. I really only have problems with the bottom 11T ring, as I often do stretches at 35-40MPH with the motor cranking at 1500W. The small number of teeth (I think) get...
  9. Ravi Kempaiah

    Super Commuter Version 1.1

    The start-up company team has been testing some prototype bikes that are well thought-out and extremely capable. The first prototype is aimed at producing very capable, low-maintenance commuter. The picture shows a bike with Gates+Rohloff combo but wheels, brakes, tires are not what we want it...
  10. roshan

    The Ultimate Ultra 1000 yet

    We've been sold out of the Ultra 1000 for about 4 months now. So we went back to the design table and tweaked a few things. The 2019 Ultra 1000s have several improvements over 2018 versions. A few improvements: 1.5" better ground clearance, 1x11 SRAM Gx transmission, hydraulic brakes, two...
  11. Joe

    Volton Campaign is Live. 3 new bikes and new Alation models on discount.

    Volton's Better eBike Campaign Two new eMTB models available with Max and Ultra power platforms 29 pound, folding ebike with 5 level pedal assist and thumb throttle Alation and Alation ST with torque activated pedal assist and up to 48v16.5ah battery We are also finalizing a third M600...
  12. roshan

    Full suspension Ultra bike!

    Check this out folks: