1. Lenny

    Holiday Savings From Lennys in Madison

    Hey eBike community, You can buy an eBike with Fox suspension, Deore XT component, 203mm Hydraulic brakes, 600Whr battery for $1000 and you get a 5yr warranty on the motor, controller, and display. Happy holidays and Merry Christmas.
  2. Steven Taylor

    Getting an A2B hybrid working again after prolonged non use

    I bought a brand new A2B hybrid 24 back in February of this year, used it a couple of times, then bad health and a million other reasons and it was not used, battery has not been charged. Finally everything in my life is now fine, bike didn't start, tried to charge battery, seemed to give...
  3. V

    Need help choosing a group ride/commuter e-bike

    I'm new to the EBR forums but thought you all might be able to help me buy my first e-bike. Some data about me... 55 years old, 6', 195 lbs Started riding a road bike about two years ago to recover from lung surgery. Was averaging about 2500 miles/yr Do group rides, event rides and...
  4. Z

    Not working bike

    Hi I am new to the E bike world but think I am some what capable of working on things. I have had an A2B given to me because it doesnt work. The battery is testing out good at 35v. I put the battery back in and the bike turned on and worked, I rode about a mile and while having the throttle wide...
  5. Electric Bike Expo

    E-Bike Expo: Ride the Newest E-Bikes in Phoenix

    On January 15th, 16th, and 17th, the Electric Bike Expo will be at the Tempe Diablo Stadium (Phoenix, AZ) with 80+ of the latest electric bikes available for test ride; for FREE! The Electric Bike Expo is a no sales, no pressure event. Just come out and ride some of the newest electric bikes on...
  6. Tara D.

    2016 A2B Updates from Interbike

    Very neat stuff from A2B- The Entz will be for sale in January 2016 and has a 250 watt continental drive system with belt drive and NuVinci Harmony automatic shifting variable transmission! Very nice that the tail light is on the battery so no additional wiring to the back. Two new prototypes A...