Your stranded on a deserted Island, what would you do?


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Ok, it’s not that dire but my two front runners in an ebike decision is the Juiced CrossCurrent S2 and Ride1UP 700. Both are similar in price and in the same class (I think). The one big difference is the PAS. The 700 has a cadence sensor while the CrossCurrent has both cadence and Torque, a feature that sounds very appealing. My brain says 700 because of what I believe to be more dependable, but my heart says CrossCurrent because of the torque assist.
Help Skipper!!!
Ride them both and then decide!
I to consumer sales model - I wouldn't buy either of them. All those specs don't really mean much - you have to RIDE them.

The price of the Juiced is about what I paid for my Giant Explore - I would take the Yamaha mid-drive over any hub bike, hands down. Just sayin'.
And you can speed-hack it to go 30mph if that blows your doors off. LOL
There is an Espin Reine that is mid drive, cadence and torque sensors, laid back cruiser style, suspension fork, hydraulic brakes. Not sure what top speed is. Check out the review. $2000.
Much as I hate waveriding, a sailboat. Or some trees, some flax, and an ax. Or a paid up sattelite phone.
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Well since the island is deserted you may as well go with a direct reseller that has been ditching customers...
Problem solved. Today in a 180 degree turn around. Ordered two LECTRIC step-thru bikes for me and the wife. I feel rescued