Why The Easy Pedaler T350 over the Easy Motion EVO Street?


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Buying and electric bike in the East can be difficult unless you are fortunate enough to be situated near several LBS that carry e bikes. Buying sight unseen is made easier by videos like the ones Court posts and other info on the net, but nothing compares to riding the bikes and comparing.

I had my mind made up that I was going to buy my wife the new Easy Motion Street if ever I could find a shop that had one to demo. While in Dallas a few weeks ago, I accidentally found an all electric bike shop in the Bishop Arts Section of Dallas: Small Planet Bikes. I couldn't believe it. They had so many brands and even rented electric bikes. I had already done the research and knew the best bike that would fit my petite wife was the Easy Motion EVO Street. There it was, $3000 and everything I had hoped it would be. Hell of a nice bike. I learned that the one and only Court Rye had been at this shop the day before testing bikes. Imagine how close I came to meeting the man himself and possibly getting his autograph:)

I brought my wife around to the shop. She didn't want an electric bike, as she spins three times a week and is very happy with her Jamis Earth Cruiser...a one speed coaster brake bike that is perfect for her in Florida with a 15 1/2 " frame. Reluctantly, she rode the Street. Hated it!! Too heavy. Too many complicated gears.
It was a total non starter. Now what. I needed a small frame step through.

At that point, Zach suggested she ride the Easy Pedaler T350 step through. He said it was the work horse of their rental fleet. Jordan offered to take a test ride with her. Ten minutes later they returned and to my surprise my wife said " Ok, I'll take this one. It is not heavy like the Street and I love the easy to use three speed click shift in the handle" I had never heard of the brand but it was well built, lights, carrier, fenders, computer, lithium battery, pedal and throttle assist, etc., Damn nice small framed bike and it was almost half the price of the Street in a very reputable Colorado based LBS with super knowledgeable and helpful staff. It was all I needed to know. We bought the Easy Pedaler T350 on the spot. It fit my wife's small frame and put a smile on her face because she was comfortable with it.

The point in writing this post is often we forget that everyone is not at ease with so many gears and complexities. I think it's a point often overlooked when reviewing bikes. We are an older couple and our small Florida Island is loaded with flat paved bike trails. Taking a 20 mile ride with a break for lunch is a nice day!! I know that the Easy Pedaler is nowhere near the quality bike the Street is, but it didn't matter because the Easy Pedaler was, well, you know.........EASY!
That's why there's more than one brand and more than 1 model within brands. Different strokes for different folks. I don't personally find the EVO Street too complicated, but I probably only use about 9 gears, max. It is a heavy ebike though, and I can see where that might give someone pause. Congrats on finding the right ebike for your wife. Happy trails!