Water bottle cage for handlebar

Alan Acock

I don't have a place I wanted to put a water bottle on my ebike, but I found this gadget so it can go on the handlebar. Having the water bottle there makes it so easy to reach that I am drinking more water as I ride.


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Minouru BH-100
Do a search (I got mine on ebay love the free shipping, faster than amazon)

I believe there is a BH-100S and a BH-100M
I think the S is the handle bar mount as the adjustment is less than the M

If you have MTB handle bars that are not flat across like road bikes, then this will allow you to mount your bottle vertical.
Sorry, added the Loony bottle cage to it, as it is twist click adjustable to any size beverage container.
This allows you to tighten down the cage around the container if you are using a SS beverage container, so it does not jump out when riding on bumpy terrain.