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Buyer beware! This company doesn’t honor its written warranty. I had a battery that was bad from day one of purchasing my unit. I wasn’t aware it was the battery at the time though. I took the machine home and after discussing this with there head mechanic and reprogramming it three times he said it was definitely the battery. They told me I should send it back to them and they would replace it. When I told them I was in the states they said I couldn’t ship the battery because it was lithium ion battery and I would have to bring it to Canada to there Toronto location. I had no reason it this time to not believe them. So I talked with there service department and made arrangements with them that I brought it to there authorized dealer in Thunder Bay to have the battery switched out. They guarantee me that if I got the battery to them I could wait in Thunder Bay and a week later I would have my replacement battery and go back home. Well that’s not what happened. The day I’m suppose to leave they just sent out a new better battery that they had in stock that cost me my warranty battery plus an addition $1400.00 dollars. This was because they couldn’t get me my battery back to me within a month now because they didn’t have a battery like that one to replace it with. So I decided to take the upgrade just so I could go home as they promised. The dealer tells me the new battery won’t be here for another four days. So I went home because I had no more vacation. I asked Daymak to just ship me the battery to my home in the states. They said they couldn’t and I would have to come back to Canada to get it. Well now I’m upset and start looking into this shipping problem. I find out that you can ship to the states and I let Daymak know this. Their response was oh ya but it will cost you $580.00 to do that. So I dug further and found out it was $46.00 to do by Fed Ex. When I approach them with that they said that was due to tarrifs. I dug further again and found out there wasn’t any. So I sent them a copy of there warranty where it states faulty parts will be shipped back to you at no charge whether your in Canada or the states. They refused to do this. After a long battle with them I went back to Canada to get my upgraded battery that was supposed to be warrantied just so I could use my machine. When I asked about my original battery again they told me they didn’t have any and they would have to send it out to the battery people to look at and that could take months. Well I now have a machine to ride after 9 weeks from purchasing it and a warranty battery that cost my almost $4000.00 to get that shouldn’t of cost me anything as written in their warranty. Stay away from this company because they won’t honor there promises or written warranty. I have filed complaints with the Consumer Protection Agency in both the US and Canada also the BBB in the US and Canada. The all have said that this is an issue with this company. Buyer Beware Do your home work or stay away.
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Sorry to hear that you had such a bad experience.
Years ago I was looking to get one of their scooters however after speaking with few local people that had similar experiences to yours I opted for different brand.
Last summer it needed new batteries. Got some on ebay from a Mitsubishi miev electric car, installed them in my scooter and now I have tripled my distance per charge. All in under a $1000 Canadian for the batteries and the charger I build for the pack. The pack is 58volt at 50amp. That is a lot of juice for my ride.


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Thank you very much for the info on the battery. I just took it out for a ride and now this battery just failed. Very disappointed with Daymak. I’m going to check out stuff on eBay.
Why didn't you return the entire machine or contest it on your credit card, and file a complaint with the credit card company? Not sure you are going to get any better machine or service on eBay. There has to be a better option than that!
I tried to pay with credit card and they wouldn’t except. I tried to return the machine and they wouldn’t except that back either. These people are a bunch of crooks. I learned a very valuable lesson. I recently found out that when you try to write a review they own most of the sites. I left a review and it never got published so I asked why. It turns out that it was one of there sites and they will only publish positive reviews. Now I know why there are no reviews on any of the sites that say they have reviews.