Wanted a belt drive and internal hub - Ordered a Flluid 2-s

This is the e-bike/e-moto company founded by Erik Buell. You can check out Wikipedia for details if you don't know this name. Also they have pretty good about us page. However what I consider much more important, they already has a successful kickstarter campaign, delivering what was promised and expanding it to actual product you can buy. I like they are trying to innovate - this is very important to push forward such slow monsters like Bosch/Schimano who needs healthy competition to really to R&D and not sell same stuff to their consumers for decades.
There is a term "microbrand" in watches industry, which is self-explainable. So I would call FUELL a microbrand in ebike industry. And not a bad one.
Can anyone find the physical location of Fuell Electric Bikes?
They also offer test rides in some locations:

P.S. Just to explain why I am so enthusiastic about this brand. I actually was about to order their ebike in 2021, did extensive research and had a long e-mail thread with their sales people. But their demo rides program was not available yet, so I choose Bosch/Gazelle (which I was able to test ride) instead. However I still follow the news about FUELL and very happy for them to expand and grow! If I would have to choose today, the choice won't be that easy at all.
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I have a variety of e-bikes. Trek Allant 7s, LectricBike 3.0, LectricBike Xpremium, 3 WattWagons in 3 different sizes, and 2 different styles (cargo and commuter), Specialized Vado 5.0. And lastly Jetson Bolt. The only only 1 I don’t go over 70 miles on is the Jetson , no way to swap batteries to get the range I need.

None of them am I fitted to, I am only limited by the number of batteries I have for each one, the time of day I start riding and my health that day. They are different riding positions on all of them , just sit and pedal enjoy the ride.

None of them are perfect and I don’t have all them at my house all the time for choices. Every time I go out I want to make it to the state line which is a 106 round trip, frequently not making it but happy to ride any of them that far if all goes well. A coupe I don’t have enough battery for 106 but at least 70 as I said.

The Fuell sounds like it would be a good addition , I am little leery of new tech, Specialized Vado with the auto was not what I wanted after all but didn’t know till too many rides later

Edit: checked locations for test rides. 6 hour road trip to Fl , promise my wife seafood and we are off or 1 hour plus north of my aunts house in WI we will visit this summer…
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That is why I explicitly specified this: properly sized bike. Don't buy something which doesn't fit you well - this is rule #1 for sure.

High probability, however as I already mentioned above - we need some progress in this area and we need more motor + gearing integrated systems. I really want to be optimistic about this one!
but you dont usualy get frame size choices on internet bikes. to make something liek this work you need a company that wil lbe behind the bike for years to come and the money to fix issues and honor warranties.
to make something liek this work you need a company that wil lbe behind the bike for years to come and the money to fix issues and honor warranties.
Totally agree, the risk is here for sure. But how otherwise small companies can enter ebike market where big players are for decades? They have to innovate, offer lower pricing and attract enthusiast. Yes, not all of them will survive, but those which do will bring something new to the table. As I wrote above, Fuell is not completely new company, they already did a crowdfunding and delivered what they promised (for very nice price, they Fluid-1 was available during kickstarter compaign for ~$2k, which is below marker for such a bike). Few years later they are still here, expanding their service network and offering test rides in more places, working on new models. They are not dead, they are growing and challenging the big guys. So yes, risk is there, as well as profit for those who willing to make a bet on them. If you prefer old stable options - this is your right, there are plenty of them. However don't blame those who want and ready!
Specialized has really tried to thwart competition. I agree that we need innovation, a place for the little guys, and competition. I also don't want to be stuck with a product that cannot be serviced in a couple of years. I rode a totally dumb bike yesterday. It is the kind of bike you would ride with a paper bag over your head to avoid being seen on it, but I had to deliver it to its owner across town after a motor core swap. What is funny is how many thumbs up and favorable comments I got while riding it. It was a 100 pound 20" fat folder with a mess of wires and connectors. My bikes don't look electric, weigh closer to 45 pounds, and are full sized.
Well, I guess I get to post the first thread in this section. I’ve been wanting a belt drive internal hub e-bike and seeing this with two batteries for range sold me. They say it starts shipping in July, I’ll be happy with fall.

for background, I have 4 conventional bikes that I should probably sell 🤣. My e-bike stable is a juiced cross current x and a Biktrix full suspension juggernaut. I look forward to this next generation.
Just wondering if you got the bike. I'm really curious about this one and how you like it. I had heard reports thst the first version lacked a bit of power.