Veteran/member article on ebikes !! Congrats

Thanks! It's excited to be getting some extra attention for the industry. It has been happening often lately and I hope the trend continues. We could definitely use more positive press for ebikes in NYC :)
Superb article! It is an encouragement to me on a couple of levels. First as a 56 year old guy looking for his first ebike, I am thrilled that I will not have to huff and puff as I try to make it up those hills in the heat and humidity of summer. Secondly, as a father of a Lt. in the 10th Mountain Division of the US Army, it warms my heart to see that veterans can make a decent living and have an impact after they have left the military.

Keep up the good work.

Kenny B
Thanks Kenny! I appreciate it! Pretty cool that your son is a Lt in 10th Mtn. I'm sure he's got a bright future ahead of him no matter what he does :) especially having you offering support and being a role model ;)
And he's also a great guy to do business with! One can be sure that he will have the customer's interest first when he helps him select that first e-bike.
Over 50:

Just from communicating with him on line there is NO DOUBT that Chris has the customers interest at heart.

Kenny B