Vado SL EQ 4.0 Chainring


My wife hates the "pants protector" on her Vado SL...she is not a city commuter who wears pants...she wears proper cycle gear and changes at work...and 40 of the 60km commute is on gravel, so it gets pretty dusty/mucky faster than most bikes...and I being the "designated" bike maintainer, I find it a pain getting at the chainring to clean it.
It LOOKS fairly simple to remove it, but knowing Specialized, it's probably "integral" to the chainring and not possible and will void the warranty blah blah blah.
Anyhoo, if anyone has done this, please let me know the details :)
Well, I'm hoping it's that will it look? Don't really care, just want better access for cleaning lol...
but i'm guessing it will look like my Giant ToughRoads...the "Black Widow" ...only 4 less teeth 😜

....aaaaaaand after all that, she likes the look of the "pant saver" ...even though she only wears bike gear *sigh*
..well, at least she will never have to worry about the dreaded "chain tattoo" 😁

Can't argue with bike fashion-logic.
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I have removed the chainguard for my big Vado, easy as Biowheel said. Gives me the freedom to swap chainrings for different needs easily.
No reason the chainguard could not be removed as easily on Vado SL.

Besides, a bike with a "naked" chainring looks sporty to me. Only I don't know why I often return from Vado biking with dirty right calf :D