Vado 3 IGH sort of review


I’ll start off by saying the Vado 3 IGH might be my favorite bike I’ve ever owed. The current Vado platform is certainly my favorite in terms of geometry and ride characteristics. I bought the Vado 3 IGH because I was interested in a belt drive and at the sale price from last year it was the best deal going. I was a little hesitant about the 50nm motor coupled with the IGH and its hill climbing ability. I live in NC and have a lot of steep hills to ride. I’m 51 and in good bike shape but have never had any issue climbing the steepest hills in eco and only a couple did I use sports mode. The bike climbs great. What I wasn’t expecting was the great range I’m getting. I usually ride the bike with the 710wh battery and have the settings at 25/25. I typically turn the motor off going down hill and have no problem with the motor off on flats easily pedaling 15-17mph. I intend to use this bike as a bike packing bike and obviously want as much range as possible. I also have a Tero X 5 that I considered using because it pedals a little easier without assist but it can’t carry as many bags and things. The Vado is a pack mule. I took a short ride today and haven’t charged the battery in awhile. I don’t know how many miles I’ve gone on this charge because I usually don’t reset the tripometer. But with 72% battery left the system estimated that I could go another 168 miles. I know I won’t get that much, maybe nowhere near but I think I can easily get 80-100 miles per charge. The combination of the 710wh battery and 50nm motor is fantastic. I’m not sure I can get the same range on my Tero.