Upgrading a Blix

Bikey Enthusias

New Member
Has anyone here tried upgrading their Blix? I have a Vika + and am in the process of upgrading the front fork to suspension. I bought a suspension seat post prior and upgraded the brakes to hydraulics. I also upgraded the freewheel so I'd have more pull going higher speeds. I love my Vika but with these upgrades I'm loving it even more!
Would this fit?

Also, this one comes with post mount (for your brake caliper) and stock Blix comes with IS mount.
It should. Threadless? I bought this one from ebay. Works pretty good. Just hate I have to replace the stock post to make it fithttps://www.ebay.com/itm/3931684493...rentrq:4b7b0a7917b0a45e3fc1892effc62664|iid:1
I managed to do it but you definitely have to have a knack for tinkering. It's nothing special but it helps with the rough roads around here