Update on the Fat Cats


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We are still enjoying our Bikes. So far we have just used them as cruisers. For our first ebikes they fill the bill. They get a lot of attention and are great conversation starters.

The only problem has been with the wife's bike. The throttle shorted and then the Pedal Assist went out. I think the shorted throttle, also shorted the controller. Big Cat sent me a new controller and a new throttle these fixed all the problems. Their support department helped me with all the installs even emailed a video to help.

We have a a little over 400 miles on the bikes and they are used everyday. The orange bike has had two flats on the rear wheel, but all wheels are now slimed and I installed Mr. Tuffy in the rear wheel. Next flat and the front wheels get the Mr. Tuffy treatment. The fat tires are more difficult to break down when there is a flat. I felt like I was working on a dirt bike tire.

We also purchased a Hollywood ebike platform bike rack and use it to transport the bikes.