Turning on a Trek Domane HP +


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Does anyone have the start up instructions for the Trek Domane HP+ ?
I dont have the instructuons and I cant figure out how to turn it on. Does the main display computer need to be charged or does it run of the main battery? I fully charged the battery. The bike is new.
Should come on with the power button on the Kiox. It should then show you the charge percentage
As the prior post mentions, you need to charge the Kiox display by USB first. The Kiox display is magnetically attached, and will pull off unless the screw has been installed on the back to prevent this. So you don't have to leave on the bike to charge it. There is a usb port with a rubber plug that is a little hard to get out. It is a very strange "chicken & egg" situation. Once it is going, and you power on the bike, you won't have to do this again with normal usage.
Thank You!,,
This info is exactly what I needed. I woke up at 1:30 AM last night and was thinking about this for hours!,
I had come to the same conclusion that the computer “head” must be awakened first to turn on the main battery.
If this is the Fazua motor model, the early headunits required you to remove the downtube battery and reinsert it after a set amount of time before it would allow you to turn it on. I can't remember what the amount of time is but that's what I was informed by Fazua customer service. Supposedly it was a security feature, sort of like a motor lock if the bike hadn't been used in several days.