Turn Signal and Climbing Questions

Yeah, linniej is right on. The turn signals and lights are solid but the bike is ~125lbs so even with the larger 500 watt motor and 48 volt battery it's a bit harder to climb (and pedal to help). The other thing is, it only has one pedal speed so other lighter bikes with lower gears feel easier to climb with than this one. Worse case you could hop off and throttle while you walked next to the bike and pushed but that would only be on very steep hills or if you had to stop half way up a hill. If you go into it with some speed you should be alright.
The bike is not 125lbs ( Product Weight 44 lbs per mfg web site). On hills a 250 watt motor will only help the rider to do the work. The rider will do most of the work on steep grades. IMO After buying a different bad azz bike and seeing all the different metrics. This bike might be just perfect for those willing to work and just want a boost. I see lots of E-Bike riders using throttle exclusively. If that's how you role you'll want a different bike.