Swytch kit 2022/2023 quick review after 1 month

David Kelman

New Member
You know what? I was going to post my review of the actual news Swytch kit. But I'm going to hold off until they refund my deposit. I put down 3 deposits but only ordered one kit, have emailed them no fewer than 5 times since September for a refund of my deposit.

So here are my recommendations regarding Swytch so far, which I'm going to start posting as widely on every forum I can:

1. Pathetically, they seem to need my $250 more than I do. They must be hurting.
2. Customer support is non-existent. Don't think that because they're Brits that they give a crap about customers.
3. If you want your kit like, even close to the time you order it, forget it.
4. Nifty advertising is useless.
5. Do not buy.

If they make it right I will post a review of the kit.