Swapping out the OEM headlight


Is it possible to upgrade the Supernova E3 V6s to say a M99 Pro? Has anyone done so? Im not happy with the performance and would rather run a hard wired light.
I'd be keen to know too.
I run a Gloworm X1 on my helmet in commuter 'pulse'mode which actually works rather well but I'd rather not have to hassle with batteries.
There are numerous discussions here- just search.:)
I went all the way to page 6 on this forum and couldn't find anything. If there are numerous post perhaps they are tucked inside and not the main topics? Could you help out and provide a link if you find one? Much appreciated sir. Thanks in advance.
Yea, I’ve seen some for Stromers, Haibike etc, but none for our brands. Wanted to make sure before I took the plunge.