Swap LMT'D Handlebars?


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I have a LMT'D Step-over frame and my wife as a LMT'D step-thru frame. She doesn't like the swept-back handlebar style on her step-thru frame and wants to swap her handlebars to be the same as the step-over. Does anyone know where to order the Step-over frame's handlebars? Perhaps provide a link? Thanks!
From the ride1up description: "Handlebars XR Frame: 31.8mm Riser Bars, 50mm Rise."
Easy enough to find mtb handlebars that have a 50mm rise. Probably best to go to some local bike shops to see what they have and test hold some bars.
I saw that, but it doesn't include the width.
Stem clamp is 31.8 and the width can be cut (in small increments) to the desired size. Aluminum bars can be cut with one of those pipe cutters that you spin around, increase pressure, spin without taking the bars off after install. just remove the grips, cut, readjust postitions of things when reinstalling the grips.
Cutting handlebars down to size is beyond me right now. I was hoping for a link to order a duplicate of what comes on the step-over LMT'D frame. Does anyone know?
Have you contacted Ride1up to get a set? Seems to be the easiest path.