Stromer license plate bracket


Does anyone know where the license plate bracket for the Stromer fender can be purchased in the U.S.? Stromer's U.S. headquarters said they do not carry this item in the U.S., referring me to my dealer to try to locate one or something else that works. I didn't get the sense they wanted to reach out to their Swiss parent to source this item.

In certain U.S. states, it may be or become necessary to register an ebike (see Regulations of E-Bikes in North America, NITC-RR-564, August 2014), a question that could turn on whether it's a pedelec or s-pedelec (because an s-pedelec exceeds 20 mph, which may be relevant in certain states). For example, a state registration (and possibly financial responsibility insurance) may be required if an ebike is treated by statute or courts as a moped, including a requirement to display a motorcycle type license plate on the bike's rear.

I have been unable to locate a U.S. or European source for the license plate bracket shown on European Stromers, which are sold with these brackets in Europe due to European registration laws. If anyone knows of a European source that would ship to the U.S., that would also be helpful. I've noticed that some ebike parts suppliers in Europe will not ship to the U.S. Of course, there is also the language barrier.