ST2 Commuter

I think life was testing me this week.
I had 2 flats and all were due to tire liners pinching the tube. Both were slow leaks so I could ride to the destination and change the tubes.
415 miles and going strong.
And tire liners are supposed to do what?
What kind of liners are you using?

I had my LBS install Mr. Tuffy when the bike arrived for assembly. I'm not running low pressure, though.
And tire liners are supposed to do what?

I have Mr.Tuffy liners and they are supposed to protect the tube from glass shards , metal debris on the road shoulders.
The liners move a bit and sometime pinch the tube because of sharp edges. I sandpapered it and still had a second flat from it. Just bad luck.
Are you going to ditch the wheel reflectors? BTW my reflectors fell off of my pedal one at at time over the first 4 days. LOL I guess they just figured no one would keep them so the did a shitty job. At least I could rip off the connectors by hand. OMG

No kidding!!! Ive lost 3 of my 4 pedal reflectors in 2 days of riding. What gives?