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Looks like Bafang's BBSXX tool, but it's different and no one has them, including eBay and alibaba. Anyone else ever get one?

Update: Electrify Bike has them for $20 inc shipping, but you gotta ask - they're not on the website.
I really don't care but why did you post this to the Tongsheng forum and then call Electrify Bikes? When you called them did you tell them you wanted a "special tool that looks like something else"? I'm really wondering how you could have expected an answer from people here.

Doesn't it come with the TSDZ2 kit? I got one in mine.
The first TSDZ2 I got from Eco Cycles came with one, but the two I got from Eunorau last year - just before they stopped selling them - did not. When I asked Eunorau to send me two wrenches, they insisted that one came with each motor, but I'm 100% sure mine did not. Eunorau wouldn't help me get replacements because they "don't sell that motor kit anymore."

Every end user should have their own wrench for maintenance etc. I figured maybe another DIYer here knew who might have the totally unique DZ2 wrenches available - hence the original query above. I also asked the two stateside sellers I'm aware of that carry TSDZ2s, Eco Cycles and Electrify Bike, and the latter got back to me that they had Tongsheng wrenches, just not on their website (like the BBSXX wrench is). That's why I posted the second time, advising that you have to ask them for it.

Hopefully if someone needs one in the future they'll find this post...
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There is another option. As you know you have to remove the pedal in order to use the TSDZ2 lock ring tool. I have a Park Tool HCW5 that using the one tooth side has worked well for me when I just wanted to check that the lock ring was tight without having to remove the pedal. It is made of sturdy steel and seemed to me to be up to the task without damaging either the tool or lock ring.