shimano mid drive

I must be getting old because I could use a little less pretty girl and more Fahrradcomputer, shift buttons? (found on top of brake levers, see BR link) I LOVE di2, was wishing just yesterday that e-bikes would come with that option, even in 1x9 configurations. Here is a link to bikeradar and some loose translations:

The STEPS engine delivers a power full torque up to 50 Nm, the engine assembly weighs only 3,200 grams. Each gear motor is making noises. But compared to other means of motors SHIMANO motor operates quietly exemplary.The HERCULES framework was developed specially for this motor. Frame, engine and chain guard form so visually harmonious unit. Specifications: Nominal voltage 36 volts, 500 watts maximum power, Nominal Power 250 Watt Maximum torque 50 Newton meters.

In STEPS battery quality lithium-ion cells made in Japan are installed. Shimano has this cell so packed that a 36 volt battery is produced with 11.6 AH. The multiplication of the values is 418 WH, the "tank" content of the e-bikes. With the battery case is the battery management, an electronic safety and control components. His object of protection against undervoltage, short circuit, and overload. The battery weighs 2,550 grams and fits perfectly into the holder, which was also developed by SHIMANO itself.

Exact match for the STEPS system Shimano has developed a new chain. For each e-bike with mid-engine, the chain is particularly stressed. The driver steps uphill powerfully on the pedals and the engine placed in the highest support again twice to it additional pressures as we know from the professional cycling.And therefore the increased e-bike chain also has properties that have been proven in racing. An improved transmission of power, quiet operation, long service life and increased resistance to dirt are the advantages of chain processing, the SHIMANO called "SIL-TEC".
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I tested this at Eurobike and it's super smooth! It shifts down automatically when you stop and I'm pretty excited about it. We hope to see the Raleigh powered version some point next year. Shimano really came out strong with this one in my opinion.
Yeah I saw Larry showing the pre-production Raleigh in a video, glad to hear it was nice and smooth. I guess auto down shifting makes sense, I'm usually cranking my thumb as I approach every stop. I suspect it will be weird at first and then dreamy. Thanks for the info bits! -S