RockShox Reba Install on Turbo Vado


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Southwest Wisconsin

Installed a 27.5 100mm travel RockShox Reba on my Vado 4.0 today to replace the atrocity called SunTour Mobie A32. 😂

This was the closest match in axle-to-crown measurements that I could find (within 10mm of OEM) so the geometry differences will be negligible for what I do.

This particular fork has Boost spacing, so it required a spacer kit (got mine from ProblemSolvers) to space out the brake rotor, etc. The Reba can be had in non-Boost spacing, but mine is not.


Then there are the challenges of no tabs for fender or light mounts….🤨

For now, I’ve relocated the front light to the left side of the fork crown by simply using a Topeak VersaMount, which I think will work OK.

Fender will be a little more challenging…I may end up using a SKS BlueMel 75 (a model I’ve used on MTBs in the past) to replace the Specialized front fender.

There is nothing super-fancy about the RockShox Reba by MTB standards, I just chose it based on price/availability/geometry. And it is leaps and bounds above any spring fork offering.

I did consider a rigid carbon fork from Whiskey, which would be another viable option, but my goal was maximum compliance in the widest variety of non-paved terrain.

Headed to Iowa tomorrow for some gravel goodness; anxious to give it a test run.