RipRacer Hub Siezed


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I had just started the day's ride and about 100 yards down the trail the motor started making bad noises, slowed, and basically siezed. Fortunately it wasn't that far to carry it back, I could have been several miles down the trail and that would have been a nightmare.
Anyhow, it's a RipRacer - the higher speed one, about 6 months old and has less than 200 miles on it. Anyone have advice on how to get it checked/diagnosed/fixed?
With so few miles and only six months ownership, I would seek assistance from Juiced. I've not dealt with them on anything major but my few minor problems were quickly addressed. 1 (888) 303-8889 The reps are friendly and seem to care. The worst scenario would be they tell you that you are SOL. The call is free. Sorry about your motor.
As stated above you ahould still be under warranty so no worries, it just doesnt look good when a motor fails with so little miles, that's pretty much a new bike!
Maybe the issue will end up being something minor.
Thanks everyone for your responses! Sorry it took me so long to get back on this.
I contacted Juiced, they are sending me a new rear wheel and a return label.
The bike only has 176 miles and I really love riding it, so it is a bit depressing.
But so far Juiced support has been top notch!
They sent a replacement wheel, it got here in 18 hours. Super simple swap, no special tools required besides the 18mm wrench ( I just used a ratchet & socket). Took it out for a test ride on the wetlands trail yesterday, it worked better than ever. Man, I missed my rides.

Anyhow, the motor failed, but Juiced did not. First class customer service & warranty replacement.