Ride1up is in Seattle


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Kitsap Co, WA
I received an email from Ride1up about their bikes being available at Seattle Ebikes now. If you are in the Pacific NW, you can now try them out before you buy (and I assume buy them all assembled, etc.) I own a Ride1up Prodigy and I am quite happy with it. I've got about 430 miles on it so far with no problems. I did customize it a bit by trading out the stem, handlebars and grips of my other ebike (in a coma till I get it over to Europe), but all in all, I think it is an excellent value for a Class 3 with a lovely, quiet, torquey Brose motor. But you go check them out...


Seattle E-bike:
4540 California Ave SW, Seattle WA 98116
Saturday, July 15th @ 11am - 3pm

- Ride1Up Reps on-site
- Test Ride Ride1Up bikes
- Assembly Services
- Tune-ups & maintenance services
- Accessories available
- Ride1Up giveaways
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Nice. Can say enough about how much I have enjoyed my Ride1UP Roadster v2, at almost 8000 miles. Their support has been good too.