Refurbed CrossCurrent first ride


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Got an amazing deal on a refurbed CrossCurrent with the 10.4 battery, ordered Friday, here on Tuesday. Juiced Bikes is amazing so far-they answered all my questions and email support was speedy and friendly.

Got the bike yesterday, took a half hour or so to get it all set up. I got a black medium with the 10.4 battery, the refurbished one, and it looks brand new-no rust spots or tarnished bolts anywhere. I am an out of shape young dad in a one car family so this bike is meant to be my main transportation while also helping me get a workout without arriving to work sweaty.

Rode in to work (about 4 miles) this morning and man, was it fun! I used level 3 most of the way and boosted up to sport mode for the big hill I have to ride. I wasn't tracking it but I felt like I averaged around 20mph the whole way-got to work in about 17-20 minutes-driving takes about 13-15. The ride was really fun and I was able to get a decent workout in without getting very sweaty. Can't wait to ride home in the sun!

What fenders are people using? It looks like I might have a newer frame-seems that I have a lot of mounting options for racks/fenders, just not sure which ones work best.
I recommend the Blackburn 700x60 fenders which I just installed on my bike (minus the mudguards.) I had to make three trips to the hardware store to install them but now that they're on I think they are the best option for the money. I also had to get a cheap $13 rotary tool on Amazon to cut down the stays since I didn't have a Dremel. The narrower fenders I've seen some other owners post aren't going to do as good of a job at containing the water spray IMO. The 700x65 Planet Bike Cascadia fenders are probably too wide to fit the frame without notching them out in places.

As far as racks go I think most disc brake 29" versions will work. Maybe even the ones designed for non-disc frames on your newer Cross Current. I have the disc brake version of MTX rack which I like but it's on the expensive side (I got a deal on mine from my bike shop.)
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Ya I got the newer frame, it seems. There's two anchoring points for a rack welded on and they worked with my Iberra rack. Having a blast riding this thing between the endorphins from not exercising in a while and the speed I am having a blast.
I ended up just going with Ass Savers (the mudder for the front and the fendor bendor in the back) and really I couldn't be happier with them. All I had to do additional was add 2 zip ties to the fendor bendor to keep them from brushing my back tire. Other than that, installation couldn't have been simpler. Been riding with them for 2 weeks now and absolutely no complaints.