Rattan 750 LM Class 3 All Terrain Adventure Ebike Off Gridder Review

This is my review of the Rattan LM 750 All Terrain Adventure ebike. This is a foldable ebike with a strong 750 watt motor and long range battery and Class 3 speed. Great features and very comfortable ride especially for older people, or people with bad backs and knees. Low step over design.

https://www.rattanebike.com https://www.rattanebike.com/products/north-america-lm-750w-fat-tire


Just finished the review video for that Rattan 750 LM ebike. When I first unboxed it and took it for a first ride I was not very impressed. I am used to Mt bikes and this has high handle bars, no center bar and it just felt weird. I also was showing low speed readings.

So I contacted the company and got the speed fixed (it was a tire size setting issue) and I had them clarify some things about the ebike so I would be giving correct info. Today when I rode it it was a whole different feeling. I was sitting more upright and the handle bars were at just the right level so my back and shoulders didn't hurt. I rode it around on blacktop and in the dirt and we even have a little snow skiff here. It really handles dirt and sand well and it went up the hills in full throttle with no need to peddle.

So my opinion changed and now I think it may be the most comfortable of my ebikes to ride. Not the fastest but it will do over 20 mph and I got it to 24mph no problem. I never hardly exerted myself peddling and never had to shift down. It also has very good range and should get at least 40 miles with peddle assist. That is my next test when it warms up.

OK, you can watch the video for the full review and ride but I think this would be a great ebike for older people or people with bad backs and shoulders and because it folds up it is easy to haul around if you are traveling or camping.

This is the ebikes Rattan has: https://www.rattanebike.com

I will be doing more review testing of this ebike but you can go look at it and ask questions.
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