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Hi, I just sold my motorbike and bought a Stromer St1 ( 14,5 Ah battery ) to go to work and back 2 times a week ( round 50 km one way ). And I'm very happy with it. The only thing is the range. It's winter here in Belgium, which means round 2 to 6 degrees celsius. And in position 1 and 2 I can only just make it to my work. But after 50 km ( 30 miles ) the battery is empty and I didn't use position 3 or 4. Is this normal? My weight is 82 kilo ( 180 lb ) and if I do this track ( which is pretty flat, well, Belgium ...:) ) with my normal bike I have an average speed of round 24 km per hour. With my Stromer, position 1 and 2, I have an average speed of 33 km an hour. But I also must say that I have been working pretty hard then. In the shop they told me that 50 km shouldn't be a problem in position 4. But my experience is different. Anyone? Thank you so much.
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On a full charge I get about 30 miles (48 km) at full power. If you coming up short I would look into getting a new battery.
It could also be the sensitivity setting is too high, code 1004. I get a similar 30+ miles in Power mode with sensitivity at 50.
Hey toon, welcome! I have found battery range dropped significantly at about 2C or 35F. My round trip commute is 34 miles or 55 k, 4 times a week with no charge halfway through, I'm 6'2" and weigh 190 lbs. I was expecting a drop off in range for the winter but it still took me by surprise when the cold and snow hit in November. When I had my first real cold, snowy commute I found my battery dead at 33 miles, a mile from home. This happened again about a half mile from home. I was lucky I was close! It hasn't happened since November because I just peddle a little harder. Not a bad thing in winter, my commute the past couple months generally is between -10C to -4C. I just wear one less layer and generate a lot more heat.

You've got yourself a great bike there and given you started your e-biking adventure in the winter you'll be shocked when the temps warm and your getting 60k's between charges. Any peddle biking in winter is work, assisted or not. You will be so used to pushing yourself that when the weather warms to 22C, 50k's will be a breeze!

Good luck, have fun and stay warm!
thank you so much guys. That gives me good idea of what to expect. The sensitivity mode is at 70. I'll try and play with that first. Thanks again.