Rad Wagon tire size adequate? 3" vs 4" for Sand/Mud


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I am a hunter and fisherman and am looking for a ebike for the east coast to archery hunt and surf fish. I am looking at fat tire bikes and wondering if I will be happy with a 3 inch tire width or need a 4 inch or larger tire width. No serious hills in South Jersey but plenty of low land and water both in the Pinelands and the shore. Anyone have experience with less than 4 inch tires? I have read and watched YouTubes on tire deflation to help with the handling. This is my first post here. Looking at the RAD wagon but not liking the 3 inch tires. Thanks in Advance.
If you are dealing with loose (not packed) sand regularly, I'm going to bet you'll have no trouble making a case for 4" or bigger tires. It's about the tires "flotation"/ability to stay on top when rolling over loose surfaces. The bigger they are, the easier they can do that.
No size tire will keep you on top of mud, or get through deep mud and water. There are many kinds of sand, but it takes a lot of power in deep soft sand. Fat bikes are marketed as the perfect off road vehicle. I didn't think so when I had one. Gearing is more critical than tire size. Mountain bikes were going through mud decades before anyone thought of a ridiculous 4" tire.
I get out on the sand whenever I can, in Florida and the Outer Banks, mostly. My Rad Rover, with 4" tires is good there most of the time. As others of said, there are all kinds of sand and mud. There's no staying on top of some kinds of either. I don't have any experience with 3" tires, but I'd expect them to be about 75% as effective as 4" fatties in soft or deep mud or sand.

I don't care to do anything in mud, but I can tell you that in soft, deep, dry, sugar sand you will likely end up walking your bike. I also avoid the hard wet sand by the water if it means possibly throwing salt water up on my bike but of you can stay on that kind of sand without getting wet you can go forever on 4" tires.