Questions: first time ebike build ??

What are you guys doing for cable management?

- zip ties as neatly as possible?
- wrap with silicon self fusing tape?
- stow in stem bag?

Maybe should ask this in the Bafanf section....but does the BBSHD have to be greased upon arrival? (understand the older motors needed additional and different grease than supplied by factory)
Be careful with zip ties. Too tight and you can pinch the small wires in a harness. Error 30 communication error.
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I'm planning to put one where the motor housing might impact the underside of the downtube, but those are good uses, too.
I'm planning to put one where the motor housing might impact the underside of the downtube, but those are good uses, too.

depending on clearance between the battery mounting plate and the frame, I am considering using some VHB double sided acrylic tape.
The load will be carried by the water bottle bolts of course, but thinking the double sided tape would help protect the paint on the frame, and help stabilize, side to side, on the end farthest away from the WB bolts.
(FWIW - I have some 3m VHB tape left over from another job....they actually use it to fasten panels together on RV's and travel trailers, in lieu of rivets, so holding power is pretty strong.)
This question might need its own thread, but next question for mount battery over or under frame?
I believe both options are possible on my bike, but still waiting for battery to arrive, and check battery to motor clearance on the undermount option.

over frame - Seems like gravity is on your side. Hitting bumps or small jumps, battery weight will be supported by frame member below. Battery is more protected from rocks, etc.

under frame - Lower center of gravity, leaves top water bottle location open for intended use.....but don't feel as good about a large battery (52v 17ah) being held on by (2) water bottle screws, might need an additional strap towards the top of the moun?. Battery more susceptible to damage? not sure, as motor will already be hanging lower.

Not sure if one offers a cable management advantage over the other?


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I've seen people hang a shark or hailong under the downtube, but I wouldn't do it. Imagine it acting as a bumper after you've gotten your front wheel up over something at speed, becoming annoyed, and bursting into 1000 degree flames...
Hailing shark cases came with rubber pads to be fitted between the base and frame member. It seems they end up often not being sent with a built battery.

hanging batteries not recommended by some sellers. A hanging battery needs active and firm support. Hanging on the front can also mean more moisture flung up and directly on the battery.

find the outline drawing of the case you’re considering. Make a cardboard mockup and check fit. I think UPP and the young Chinese woman others have use here MAY be willing to build a battery with a side out removal. But it’ll be nor be 52v17ah. The case is available. Shan Shan.
I've been working with Ebike Marketplace and an outfit called MTO Battery in PA on getting a custom 52v pack built. They may be worth a call. Ask for Vinh at EBM.
Heavy-duty thumb throttles. Twist throttles work on motorcycles but tend to be a nuisance on an ebike. Moving the bike? Forgot to turn it off? Twisted the throttle inadvertently? NICE FRAME SCRATCHES!

I'm sorry but I have to disagree with you on this one. Yes you do need to be careful, but the pros outweigh the cons in my opinion. Also I have inadvertently bumped my thumb throttle and I wasn't holding the bars so it was worse.
A twist is more intuitive and thus so I find it much easier to regulate, especially if you are hitting a few bumps. Also the range of movement from stop to full seems to be more giving you a finer control. But the increased hand fatigue using a thumb throttle I found to be the deal breaker.
Obviously there is no right or wrong as these are personal preference.