Propel & Vela partner on "Bloom" made in USA light EV's


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Arlington, Virginia
BRAIN report on Bloom, a partnership formed in the Detroit location of Newlab between Chris Nolte of retailer Propel, and Justin Kosmides of the brand Vela, to promote US domestic manufacturing, delivery, and servicing, of ebikes, scooters, and other light EV's. Propel & Bloom CEO @Chris Nolte is quoted "Bloom's role is to boost the resilience of light electric vehicles to make electric mobility more integrated, adaptable, and safe, all while decarbonizing the American infrastructure. Our goal is to partner with companies across the micromobility industry, connecting people and serving as a resource to propel the entire field forward."
Very cool news, definitely seeing more and more folks out on the paths/streets with e-bikes. Had a friend go shopping for a new car recently and was shocked at the high prices even in the used market. Makes the cost delta to an e-bike look a whole lot better!
I had a call with Chris last week, and I will update here if we end up signing a joint development agreement.
As we are already involved in battery manufacturing for light EVs for Asian and African markets, it would make sense to offer batteries for micro-mobility in North America.