Problems with Spitzing M1


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Hi all! Received my Spitzing M1 yesterday and I am expericing some problems.
On the commercial it says the Spitzing M1 can do 0-50 in 7.5 seconds. The trouble is I am having trouble reaching even 35 km/h without working REALLY hard (yes, even on the highest setting). While I am not the fittest boy in the classroom, I am not that weak either. I used to have a Stromer St2 and reaching 35-40 km/h was not really a problem.
It is almost like the bike is "breaking" instead of really pushing forward.
Any ideas as to what I could be doing wrong? Can I change some settings etc? Am I maybe using the gears in the wrong way?
Big thank you for any suggestions
I believe there are different settings on the bike. For a speed increase I believe there is a simple wire that requires removal. I suggest just contacting them directly and they will be able to help out for sure. I met them last year and seemed like a great bunch of guys.
Problem solved. There is a grey/silver button on the steering wheel, when I pressed it, the bike worked as expected.