Prince Harry on a Rad


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And I thought that this forum would be free of those 2...
I detest the cult of fame, and I really have no time for the so called ex-royals. I wish they'd just bloody do what they said they wanted, to go live a normal life. Yeah - right!
I think it would be nice if they were allowed to by the press....
All black clothes and no helmet. Ten thousand kids will copy the look. Tsk-tsk said the Queen.
I think it would be nice if they were allowed to by the press....
If you believe that you'll believe anything...

The same guy that done a world wide broadcast selling his mother and family down the river... same bloke that just signed up to Netflix for millions...

The poor multi-millionaire prince who says he isn't rich enough to provide security for Megan and Archie now his family have cut him off...

If you have any sympathy for these two, you can thank their PR teams, because they don't deserve it.
Actually, I have very little interest really. I see little "news" here. It's way more likely about SOMEBODY making money staging drama, hoping the public will get sucked in on it. I consider this to be the fault of the press..... If it were not for them, there would be no money - and no sob story attempt to suck the public's interest.
The press and celebrities feed off each other.

Still Harry riding a somewhat basic e-bike is better press than the "e-bikes are incredibly dangerous and will definitely kill you" mantra after Simon Cowell's accident on a 15,000W off road electric moped.

Harry probably doesn't have a valid US Drivers License.
I don't think he needs one to be honest. I travel to the UK and my US driver's license is valid there.
I also travel there a lot , (pre-covid).

At some point you are supposed to get a valid local license if it's your permanent abode.
Here is a video showing how we drive on the left side of the road in the US. Diverging Diamond interchange. I have been on one multiple times, it’s really cool.
I've got to say, those diverging diamond interchanges are like a little piece of engineering magic, aren't they?
More complex than a clover leaf. I guess the things purpose is to lessen interchange congestion. Which is a good thing, I guess.😕