This thread is intended for reviews and comments about Power In Motion battery packs, charging and use.
I am glad PIM is coming out with larger batteries. 10 or 11aH seems to be the minimum with today's ebikes. I have a couple of Polaris ebikes and just had one of the 6Ah battery packs rebuilt. The rebuilder was able to increase it to 7.5aH in the same case which was cool. I would be interested in a review of the new 500 PIM battery.
One interesting finding is that the 264 Wh battery weighs (on my digital fish weighing device) 10 pounds 8 ounces while both the 380 and 500 Wh batteries weighed in at 9 pounds 2 ounces. Looks like the 264 is now history as it is not on the website. The 380 Wh version is $499 and the 500 Wh is $599. I have a range test plan figured out but need a mounting bracket which will arrive Wednesday. Even though the 264 Wh battery is not being sold I will include it as a comparison to the two larger capacity units.
Have you performed a range test on a PIM battery? Post your details here. It will be most useful to others if you provide the battery size, ambient temperature, type of surface, speed elevation gain/loss. Also the age of the battery and weight of rider and e-Bike when you performed the test. What will not really help is subjective statements about riding all the way to work and back.... Etc.
I finally got three days with pretty similar wind/temperature signatures so rode an Archer with standard tires from the same start point until the battery was exhausted. (battery SOC display showed no bars, just outline of battery) The first PDF contains elevation and speed information for the test of a 264, 380 and 500 Wh PIM Pack. The second PDF shows conditions and detail. I rode each test in Assist Level 1 and maintained an average speed of 17 MPH. I intend to ride the 500 Wh pack in the same conditions but in Assist Level -1 to see if I can make 50 miles...


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It is likely that your PIM e-Bike battery has not been used for three or more months now that we are in the middle of Winter 2018 - 2019. So, just a reminder that checking the SOC (State of Charge) would be appropriate. Best practice for long life of Lithium is to store the battery at less than 100% SOC. It is recommended that the battery not be kept on the charger, it should be unplugged while in storage. Temperatures of 50 degrees Fahrenheit (10 Celsius) or above are good and of course; the "...in a dry space.." recommendation is paramount. I keep my batteries in the utility room on a shelf.
Thanks Jack! I keep all my (5) ebike batteries at 50-60% charge in fireproof cannisters when stored for long periods of time. Likewise, I have 2 electric motorcycles and I store them also at 50-60%. I have been doing this with my batteries since 2013 and my earliest ones still have 85-90% capacity.