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  1. besebike

    BES: The Wild model

    If you crave power and versatility, then look no further than the Wild! Our most powerful electric bike features durable wheels made for difficult and uneven terrains while still providing an extra-smooth ride. Long, slow climbs become quicker. Lunchtime rides become more interesting because you...
  2. besebike

    BES: The Joy model

    Make your daily commute more enjoyable with the Joy! This e-bike is extra-comfortable and stylish, making it a great for just about anyone. Whether it’s for pleasure rides or commuting, this electric bike is a reliable choice! As for this bike’s details ⬇️ Frame: Chromoly Motor: Brushless...
  3. besebike

    BES: The Flow model

    The Flow is ultra-lightweight, designed to easily fold for added convenience and portability. With 5 different speed settings and a powerful battery, this e-bike is perfect for commuters who need something fast, flexible and easy to store. Make sure to check out the review our friend Mitch...
  4. JackA

    PIM Battery Reviews and Comments

    This thread is intended for reviews and comments about Power In Motion battery packs, charging and use.
  5. Clelie

    1-1.3 K budget, mama wants to tow up 12-15%+ grade hills

    Hello- I am new to the e-bike world. I've been dreaming for many years and finally have some cash to invest. I live in a mountain town and there are lots of steep hills. Want to be able to get around with my five year old- towing him on a wheehoo or trail-a-bike. I am 5'6" and have a just over...
  6. Gene Keyes

    Video review: ultralight 24 lb. folding e-bike

    Because this vid was buried among the replies to my earlier discussion, I am cross-posting it here in its own thread.
  7. A

    Best bike for short but hilly rides - possibly with child seat on back

    Hello, I'm in the market to buy my first e-bike and I'm so glad I found this site and forum. Hope you can offer recommendations and suggestions - I'm looking for an e-bike under 2K, and ideally even under 1.5K. Expected use: -Short (up to 5 miles) rides from house to train station and around...