Pendleton Somersby Chager or Battery issue


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United Kingdom
I bought my partner a second had Somersby. It was not a success so has spent much of the last year in the garage. I decided to move it on as someone may as well get some use out of it. However when I went to charge it up there is a problem. The battery is clearly dead as a dodo as there is no response from any of the indicators or controls. With the battery charger plugged in there is no LED lit up on the charger, my understanding is that the LED is Red while charging and goes to green in the fully charged state. The question is:

1. Would the charger LED indicate red whether it was connected to the bike or not.

My assumption is that as it is 5 pin connector and the LED does change colour there is a monitor circuit feeding back from the battery telling the charger the status of the battery. Therefore if the LED normally comes on regardless of connection then the charger is goosed, if not then the battery is probably goosed. That is a difference of 50 quid for a charger or circa 300 quid for a battery. If the battery has gone then I will probably just sell it on that basis as there is little value in buying a new battery and passing that cost on, to someone who may not be willing to pay it.

Annoyingly the key has also gone walkabout so I cant remover the battery from the bike to give the connector a good WD40'ing to. I did read that sometimes you can revitalise the battery by leaving the charger plugged in for >24 Hours, tried that, but it would only work if the charger was working.

Thanks for any help