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I just bought a pedego(. Trike). Used. road it briefly before buying. It seemed fine. Only 56 miles on it, I did not fully understand the torque. Setting. When I bought it. I got a good deal on it(. PED ego). Their ad for(. The E trike). Would not mention the weight capacity. Just says one-size-fits-most. Or at some. So I found out, the seat they have on those. Are the least expensive. And really aren't good for anyone maybe. Over. 150 lbs. So I had to upgrade the seat, Yeah I think people would be more happy, if it didn't have the torque only On it. I noticed other people selling these. At their sale website. With, low miles, So I've had to do some modifications. It's a nice looking(. Trike). And there's a learning curve. As I've. Experience with other ebikes, And I found that they want you to go to the dealerships. That they're not exactly wanting you to call. The headquarters, So right now I'm wanting to keep the trike. I think they could have added some extra braces on. The seat post shaft. I think they went for style rather than. More stability. It looks to me that. The bike is more rated for someone. 150 lbs or 225. Versus the 250 lbs that they claim, And you have to search. Four or asked about the weight capacity. They make it very evasive. at least to me, About weight capacity. They kept from being specific. About the weight capacity on the trike and just did a generalization. Of all bikes. So this is my first dealing with pedego. Products( So), I way over, 250 pounds, I'm going to find out. How good. The bike, is. I'm thinking ideally. The bike. Might be best for someone 200, or less(, pounds), That's what I was thinking. If they add extra stable bars. To the bike seat post. Which seems to be doable. So that people of heavier weight, can ride the bike. With more stability, And again the seat. (. There's better). Seats out there. Better design underneath more support, So anyway
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I took the pedego(. Trike). Out for a ride today. To a store. A few miles away, It runs pretty good. Even with the torque. And I think all the. Settings are for safety when it comes to speed and how fast. And the torque, Top speed is about, 10 miles an hour. Unless you peddle a little harder. It's good for getting exercise. With the torque setting. It accelerates pretty good. From A dead stop. You can use the throttle to get you going and then it kicks into Pedal assist. Gotta take it easy around the corners. Really nice looking trike nice design, Lots to learn about the the trike. How far it can go. And how to ride it. The battery seems to be pretty, good