Ordering a Pioneer Allroad


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I am in the process of ordering a Pioneer Allroad, and I want to get some feedback from current Allroad owners as to how the bike is meeting your needs, how well it is working for you, what you use the bike for, and what you can offer as advice to a soon-to-be owner regarding accessories, commuting gear, operation techniques, etc. I am planning to order the bicycle with fenders and rack in addition to the standard package. Thanks!
Welcome to the club Charviolon:
I got an Allroad almost a year ago, and it has almost 2,000 miles on the clock now.
I accessorized it myself, which gave me something to do while I waited for it to ship.
I leaned pretty heavily on the PDW catalog, getting their Whiskey Grips, Loading Dock rear rack, and Soda Pop fender set. All this gear has worked out swimmingly. The PDW stuff isn't cheap, but it's really nice.
I also got a pair of bright red Wellgo magnesium pedals, a Two Fish bottle holder, and a Brooks B-17 saddle. The Grey Ghost is also rocking an Urban 800 headlamp and VIS 180 taillight from Light and Motion; also good—albeit not cheap—kit.
I'm happy with the running gear choices Optibike made here; they didn't spec out the top of the line brakes or derailleurs, but the stuff they chose has been solid and reliable. I used this machine right through last Winter whenever I could, so I put on studded Nokian Hakkapeliittas and Bar Mitts which worked out great. I rode it in the single digits and only dropped it on the ice once.
I don't know where you ride, but I use this whip in Northwest Connecticut and I was worried about its hillclimbing capabilities. I needn't have been; it claws up the super-steep grades on my commute in to work without even using the granny chainring. The motor is smooth, quiet, and powerful.
On balance, the only thing that sucked about this bike was waiting for it to arrive. Perhaps they've improved the lead time since I got mine.
I've attached a picture to show you how I set it all up.
Happy trails/Allen

Thank you very much! You have great suggestions, and your bike looks handsomely outfitted. I certainly hope the hill climbing is easy-peddling and actually fun. Hills make beautiful scenery, but they can be a royal pain for someone who really wants to ride more often as long as hills can be tamed. :)
I just received mine and it's been all I was hoping for. Read the "Wait Time" thread to learn more of my experience.
I haven't added anything to the bike yet, but have a suspension seat post on order.
I'll probably get fenders (it rains here), and a rack and panniers for it as well.
In the meantime, I've just been enjoying riding it without killing myself on the hills we have around here.
As Allen (Reddy Kilowatt) mentions, it climbs exceedingly well and I'm impressed with the battery capacity too - have yet to run it really low.