odometer has reset...

The MY13 Turbo had a software bug that reset the odo and other meters frequently. But as there was a fix later that should not be a problem in the newer Turbos.
I think mine has reset a few times. Just haven't gotten around to looking into it, and have assumed I'm doing something wrong that's causing it to reset. Hope it's not a software bug. I have an early 2016 X.
An odometer reset should not happen by accident very easily. I haven't had a reset after I updated the firmware.
Marko -
Did you have to take your bike to the dealer for the firmware update?

I borrowed the diagnostic device and got the necessary software from the dealer and did it myself. But mine is MY13, so anything newer should not have this issue. Or could it be that they only produced this patch for the MY13 but did not fix it in the newer firmware version.