Nyreeka Nyx Reviews


The Nireeka Nyx is a premium full-suspension electric mountain bike (eMTB) and is considered the company’s flagship. It brings with it some upgraded components, a huge 840Wh battery, and a quality 500W Bafang M600 mid-drive motor, so with it comes with a heftier price. It currently sells for $4,999.00 and, as of July 14, will not ship until at least November. It’s currently available in one color (black) and one frame size which the website claims fit riders from 5’– 6’5.

Highlights of this model include puncture resistant 27.5” x 2.5” Schwalbe tires, a Bafang mid-drive motor which is ideal for climbing hills, a motion-activated Smart taillight, and a nice 80-mile (128km) range. This is a class 2 eBike, meaning it is pedal assist only up to 28mph (48kmh). Here's Nireeka’s official website https://nireeka.com/ and I'd love to hear your thoughts below, especially if you own the Nireeka Nyx or plan to buy it!! There is not much out there in the way of reviews for the Nyx. If you find any, feel free to mention them in the comments!

This is Tyson's review of Nireeka Homie, but obviously not the Nyx.

While I haven't reviewed this electric bike myself, I have covered similar E-Bikes and I wanted to provide some insights and open things up for your feedback. I hope providing several sources, with varying perspectives, allows everyone to come to their own conclusions. Sometimes short reviews and those created by shops only cover the good aspects and can come off like a commercial, so I've tried to be neutral and objective with these insights:

Pros – things that stand out as good:

  • The Bafang M600 deserves to be viewed in the same light as Bosch, Yamaha, and Brose motors. It’s impressive, putting out 120nm of torque and offering active shift detection. Active shift detection means power is cut to the motor during shifting. This lets riders shift gears at full throttle without putting excess stress on the drivetrain.
  • Nireeka frames are sharp looking. The integration is seamless, the branding accents are tasteful, and it gives off a stealth vibe. The great battery integration is important because there are trails where eMTBs are permitted but not fully appreciated, so you’ll blend with other mountain bikes. Beyond looking great, the carbon fiber frame is lighter and steel or an aluminum alloy, which will assist you while out on trails and benefit your battery life. These batteries have high-quality Samsung cells.
  • Shimano XT hydraulic disc brakes provide fantastic stopping power. The front rotors are 203mm and the rear rotors are 180mm. Hydraulic brakes provide better stopping power, less maintenance and easier actuation than traditional mechanical brakes. If your eMTB is going downhill, you’ll be glad you have these. They’re easy to bleed, maintain and adjust; they possess a 4.7 out of 5 stars customer rating.
  • The motion-activated Smart taillights are removable and USB rechargeable. The Smart taillight is designed to etect changes in momentum and flash brighter when slowing down. This is a handy safety measure for tackling high speeds and if you’re cruising around town.
  • The 12-speed Shimano Deore XT drivetrain is loaded with premium components and is an upgrade over the Shimano SLX. The cassette has a wide gearing range of 10-51 capable of efficient climbing and high speeds.

Cons – considerations that seem like trade-offs or negatives:

  • Nireeka’s inventory is available Online only. The Nyx is an mid to higher end bike and it doesn't ship until at least November. Despite it being a higher quality bike, there will be some basic maintenance involved over the years that your local shop will need to work on. It’s not a guarantee that they will be able to work on all of the upgraded components. As of today, there is only one Nireeka service center in the USA, located in Washington, DC.
  • As with any online bike purchase, there is assembly required. For the Nyx this probably means mounting the handlebar, tightening down the headset, mounting the display and control pad, and mounting the front wheel. With previous Nireeka bikes I’ve helped put together, no toolkit is included. Typically Allen wrenches and a Phillips screw driver is all that’s required. It’s fairly minimal assembly, but if you’re a first time eBike rider or just someone who hasn’t put a bike together before, this can be difficult and intimidating. You may want to check with a local ebike shop to see if they can set it up and fit it for you; this can be good for peace of mind to make sure all bolts are properly tightened.
  • I appreciate the Rockshox dropper seat post. I also appreciate the weight-saving carbon fiber, but it does scratch easily. Interestingly, there doesn’t seem to be any maximum height markings on the seatpost, so be careful not to raise it too high, and ask Nireeka support if you want a recommendation based on your riding weight.
  • Typically, when assembling a Nireeka bike, you must mount the display and control pad, and connect the throttle cable. This can cause the cable length to create a bit of a messy situation. None of this affects performance in any way, but if you care about the appearance (which it’s a beautiful bike so why wouldn’t you?) you could spend some extra time (and perhaps incorporate some zip ties) to clean up the cable management.
  • The 500W Bafang M600 motor is great and fun getting around town, but a motor that size does limit where you can ride it. Many mountain biking areas have 250W Class 1 (PAS only) limits. There’s no throttle but I’d still recommend you be cautious about where you ride.
  • This is not really a con, and not even a tradeoff but I wasn’t sure where to put it… but the typical standout feature of the Bafang M600 motor is that it’s a mid-drive that can also handle a throttle. Some folks prefer it with the throttle, but in this case, it is PAS. Bafang M600s can get a little loud when using the higher levels of assist. This is not necessarily an issue, but it’s not what one would call a quiet bike.

As always, I welcome feedback and additions to these pros and cons, especially from people who have tried or own the bike. If you see other great video reviews for the Nireeka Nyx, please share them and I may update this post ongoing so we can get the best perspectives and insights.
Ordered 2 years ago still no bike. Zero response from Nireeka when asking for a refund. Anyone reading this I would Stay away!