Next Batch of Keplers Shipping


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I received this from Ariel Rider today. I ordered my Kepler on June 8th, 2022. We will see how long it will take to ship....

The wait is over!
Keplers are finally shipping.

But before we do, here is some key information about your shipment and bike.

We’re unable to tell you specifically which day your order will fall on, but we do ship in chronological order and will begin shipping your batch this Thursday (tomorrow) and hope to have all of them shipped by the end of next week (keeping in mind Monday is July 4th holiday).

You’ll receive a UPS tracking number via email once your order has been released from the warehouse/shipped.
General shipping time after it’s in transit is usually between 3-7 business days.
Here's an update. I've received no updates from Ariel on my Kepler shipping. It's been over a week since they sent the message above. From looking at other comments in YouTube videos, not many people have had their Kepler's ship from the current batch. If you have had shipping confirmation, please let me know.
Unfortunately I think they might be up against supply chain issues like everyone else. Still waiting on a replacement display for one of our Keplers. On the first batch, it seemed to be long stetches between notification, shipping label creation, pickup, and delivery. Hoping you get an update soon.
OK, we have an update. I received my tracking information yesterday. It was less than a day from the label was created to when the package started its journey. And we have a delivery date of Tuesday next week. I'm very excited!
Great news!!! My Kepler has landed. Shipping time was predicted perfectly and my box arrived this morning, which was great because the anticipation was killing me. I'm looking forward to assembling the bike tonight and doing my first ride into work tomorrow. Box looks good with only a little damage to the top of the box.