New "minimalist" helmet for a new biker?

Helmet or Nah?

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    Votes: 19 79.2%
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Another vote for Nutcase.

There seems to be some crossover between water, skate and bike helmets.
What is the difference ?

Could you use a water helmet for biking ?

They all offer protection, right ?

Yes, they all over protection. If you get hit in the head hard enough, you will die wearing any one of them. I went with this one.


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I wear a helmet, have been a critical care nurse for 30 years, and used to teach the Motorcycle Safety Foundation classes, several points to make.

After 40 years of age, your brain/skull is a lot less able to take a blow than when you were younger, the suspensory system in the brain vault becomes much elastic.

If you fall over, stopped, and clip your head on a curb just right at any age, you're dead.

There are a million and one scenarios to play through about head injuries, IMHO, a lot of times motorcycle helmets just make it easier to have an open casket funeral, at speed, the injuries can be so massive, no reasonable amount of protection can suspend the laws of physics.

I won't ride without my helmet.
I haven't seen that type of helmet before, both seem to be head huggers for sure. I wonder what advantages they provide, if any?
Sorry Vandon I just noticed this question. I have a 23" (58cm) sized head. If it helps I wear a 7 1/4 sized fitted hat

Thanks. You must have a slightly more narrow head than mine. I sent the M back because it was gonna give me a headache. That doesn't mean it didn't fit, it just fit too well.
So I chose the Bern Watts, as I mentioned earlier, but I couldn't decide between Size M and L. I ended up keeping them "M" and extracting some of the forehead/temples padding. Perfect.