New member, new bike! ready to dive in!


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I have been sitting around too often and need some excitement in my life, much needed exercise too.
I have been checking out the local shops, Giant and Trek both close. I found the guys at Giant/Momentum
shop willing to take the time to answer all of my questions while being a friendly enthusiasts crew.
I kind of had an idea what I wanted and then they rolled out a new Momentum Transend E+GTS 😍
First I thought for $3250.+tax maybe I would just look around a little longer. This morning while still clearing
my head I grabbed my coffee and went online to get another look and found my next bike on sale for $2600.
I purchased a Abyssal Green, large frame Momentum Transend E+GTS. 👍
If your still here,
Momentum Transend E+GTS
I do not know how they can do it for this money. I have one on order in white. It is the low step version. I will convert it with a 750W stealth motor and battery. The wheels are larger 650b and not 26". It is getting a rack, fenders and paniers, plus upgraded pedals and a few other extras such as a comfort bar. This is a great bike. It is weird that is does not come with valves for the tires, according to the photos. It is a run for the Como. Clean lines too.
Yes, but it is edited. Just like the lack of valve stems. It actually has four wires or housings from the HB. The editor included only one housing for the photoshop chop.
I guess then, valve stems are different than bellybuttons?
The majority of people have “innies,” the very scientific term for belly buttons that dip inward. Protruding “outies” can be found on approximately 10 percent of the population. They’re about as common as left-handedness.
Where can I get the retractable kind? They look more areo.
If I understand correctly this is a line of Giant bikes? Where does it fall is it a lower line, a different line or what?
If I understand correctly this is a line of Giant bikes? Where does it fall is it a lower line, a different line or what?
I see the Momentum line as more ala carte design, they appear to be similar in quality without the added features like computers, racks, lights, fenders and so on. I am new to e-bikes and EBR so maybe others with more experience will help answer.
NEWS! Text message just arrived, it's on the way! I ordered and paid for my new Momentum Transend-e (on sale) from their website on Jan 11th.
Coming from N.J. it is expected to arrive at my local dealer in SW Florida on 1/17. I hope to have it by the end of next week!
Ok, so I am a little excited , I have finally decided to retire the old girl in the photo.

From Targets sporting dept twelve years ago for $89.
Simple, single speed with coaster brakes but still gets the job done.
Upgrades: Red pouch, 3M electrical tape on bars and seat post
and the seat which is from the Schwinn cruiser that was along side it .
White wire basket removed for the sporty photo, I think I'll leave it off🤔
Targets sporting dept
I have made bikes like that electric. I rode an electric coaster brake bike today. It is fun. The one below is a Huffy puffy from Target. It is a mid-drive.


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I have made bikes like that electric.
That's a beauty! Is it throttle operated? Did you retain the original coaster hub? Brakes?
Come to think of it mine a mid drive too, as long as I'm in the middle. Haha. Anyway it looks like I'm going to get neck deep in the e-bike hobby!
I like the looks of the Transend that are in "gravel cycling" style, the frame colour and the tyres.
neck deep in the e-bike hobby
It is a fun hobby. That is how I started. Then at the start of the pandemic I made it into a full-time profession by doing low cost tune-ups and doing conversions. Because you are interested I will show you some more coaster brake eBikes. That one has the accelerator in the pedals. It measures pedal pressure instead of thumb pressure. Just push to go. I ran the wire to the thumb sized display through the frame. It has no connectors and no zip ties. One of these bikes, the silver Electra was a single speed until I made it an eight-speed with a coaster brake. The owner uses it to cruise between beer gardens without getting busted. Our town has about six large beer gardens. The one below is Lagunitas, Petaluma, CA. Look at the lines of the red bike.


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I just did a two hour ride on one. It is a Nexus 3-speed with a powerful torque sensor mid-motor and it has a hand brake at the front. It has a 16-tooth cog. They go up to 24, which are 33% slower. Coaster brakes are great for people with arthritis or carpal tunnel. A thumb shifter is nicer than the twist. A kit like this is about $100. The rod to the left moved in and out and is actuated by the clicker, the thing on the upper right. The yellow no-turn nut is for horizontal drop outs. They come in different colors based on the angle of the dropouts. What is nice is that the gears can't get packed with grime this time of year and the brake cannot get covered in muck. I was able to splash through mud with no problems.