New Jersey Would Be Foolish To Require E-Bike Insurance & Registration

The latest info from the NJ Bike and Walk Coalition:

So people against the bill (including representatives of insurance companies who don't want to touch mandatory ebike insurance!) have already testified. The result? The Senate Head (who introduced this ridiculous bill without any forethought) is "well-aware of the input and will work on amendments and meet with advocates.”

In other words, he's determined to push something through. Okay, here's a thought: Leave pedal assist bicycles alone. Focus your energies to squeeze a dime from constitutents by going after the mini-motorbike crowd; the same crowd who likely are at the root of near every single beef a local or state govt agency has with e-powered bicycles.

And again, this is not about building up a funding source for new bike trails and roadways. Nor is it about creating teaching moments for Bike Safety. No, this money from an ebike license and registration simply will go into the State's general fund.
I’m curious to know how it will affect bikers from other states passing through. I live north of the new Jersey border in NY state but quite often I pass through NJ. Hopefully it will be like car inspection laws were a NJ policeman cannot give a NY car a ticket for expired inspection. I’m legitimately handicapped where an ebike for me is like a car with special features for someone that’s partially paralyzed . I just hope it doesn’t become an issue for me.