Need Help Troubleshoot Volt Mariner

I see your motor cable. It’s got the 3 phase wires, the hall sensors, and a separated white wire (speed sensor).

Typically, the hall sensors are in the same connector as the speed sensor. With a new KT controller, you’d have to correct that. You may also have to rewire the throttle. I went from a LSW controller to KT also, and I had to correct the throttle connection. Your experience may differ as there are not many standards when it comes to wire arrangement.

What does the 3 wire connector go to? The one with the single white wire connected to it. It must be the PAS sensor, but I’m not too sure.

To be sure everything will work, purchase a display and controller as a kit. Motors are pretty dumb and do only what the controller tells them. The controller doesn’t need to come from Volt, so you can surely save some money there. :)
Weeks later and Volt says they still don't have the parts.

Happy to buy a full display/controller kit, but I don't know what to get. I don't have a problem rewiring/splicing -- just haven't before done it on an ebike.