My Kona Dew-e DL 2022

@Bikeknit , Yes, nearly all bikes can take clipless pedals, and since I've been using them for years on all my bikes, I have a very hard time riding without them, to be honest. That was the hardest part of my test ride today, getting started without one foot attached! I will definitely take price into consideration; it is already pricey enough! I didn't ask today, since I don't even know that they have pricing yet, but if it's up another $300 for the 2023 and she can get a 2022, I would probably go with that the 2022. My panniers are red, so they would definitely look better with blue, but it's not a deal breaker.
@Bikeknit , Well, it looks like I'll be joining the "metallic mauve" club! The LBS manager just called and said that her rep can get me a 2022 within a month. My hubby said "take it!" So, even though the blue was tugging at my heartstrings, it might cost $300 more and mean waiting until next spring. So, I am going for it. My red panniers are going to clash, and I'll just have to deal with it. But I am excited!
Before I replaced my back bag! And after...😀
Nice! I think I'll just deal with non-matching panniers, because they are really nice Arkel ones, still in fabulous shape. Who is going to judge me, anyway? 😅 I actually think your first set look nice with the "mauve" too, which to me is definitely more brown, after seeing it in person.
@Bikeknit , Hello! I just picked up my Kona Dew DL today...woohoo! One thing I forgot to ask the LBS guy that you might be able to answer quickly for me is how to put the motor into walk mode. I am definitely going to need that for getting the bike up the steep, gravel hill out of our little rural subdivision. Thanks!

We're going to spend some time getting it set up for me: pedals, saddle, bike bag, water bottle cage, etc., before I take it out, but I'm super excited, and a little nervous. :cool: 😬🚲
@EmilyRides I just reviewed how to do this. Use the controller that you use to change assist levels, instead of tapping the bottom button, you hold it for a couple of seconds until you see "walk" on the display. I haven't really needed walk mode so haven't used it beyond learning how to turn it on. You may have to experiment a few times to get the feel of it but then it is easy.

How exciting that your bike is here. I know you'll love it. Let us know how it goes.


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Thanks so much, @Bikeknit, I would never have figured that out. Were you given a manual for the bike, or did you find one online? I suppose I could google it. I think every bike should come with a manual, especially ebikes!
Thank you @Bikeknit! I will bookmark that and take a look over the weekend. Really appreciate your help. Hope you are getting to ride your bike a lot and are still enjoying it.
@Bikeknit, I took my maiden voyage ride on the Kona Dew-e DL this morning, and WOW! This bike is a game changer for me. I was able to keep up with my speedy hubby just fine and logged my longest ride of the year, just under 30 miles. My average speed was about 3 mph faster than I could do on my non-e Bike Friday, and I mostly stayed in "Eco" mode. I turned the motor off now and then, if I sensed a long flat or slightly downhill. I only cranked it up to "Norm" for a couple of hills. Fabulous! The range on this battery looks to be amazing.

I'm even warming up to the color! I took the saddle off my mountain bike and put it on this bike (rather, hubby did that), and it has a purple and pink stitched logo on the back, which really brings out the "mauve" of the bike. What looked brown in the online photos no longer looks like boring brown to me. You were right! Thanks so much for all your posts on this bike -- they were so helpful. I think I have many happy miles ahead of me, and I can't wait.
That's fantastic, @Bikeknit! I haven't ridden over 30 miles since we lived in Florida in 2018. I used to do much longer rides but have decreased over the past few years, for various reasons. It's nice to have a bike that can go the distance!