My 100 miles review of S1 Rush Cty Speed aka S1RCS


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My background:
I am 50 years normal fit guy who is 5'10''/160lbs and have S1RCS Medium size with absolutely no modifications done.
I have been riding acoustic bike for decades ( I am 50 yrs old ) recreationally.

This is my second ebike.
I don't like derailleurs as per me it needed frequent adjustments and felt bit clunkier.
First ebike was REI coop e2.1. Pretty good bike but low torque 40nm and frequent derailleur setting forced me to give up on it.

Purpose of this bike:
Commute to office at least 1 day a week or more, 20 miles round trip in San Diego, 700 feet of elevation per Strava.

Got my S1RCS with steep discount.
I was bit skeptic of Enviolo drive train because of drag in the drivetrain but I pulled the trigger and never been happier. I don't think I'd go back to derailleurs again.

I use S1RCS to commute to office couple of days a week. My commute is 20 miles round trip and I tend to use 40% battery. I like to stay on boost for 30% of the time and 10% of the time I saty OFF and remaining 60 on eco, tour and sports equally divided. It takes my 35 mins to cover 10 miles, my avg speed is 16mph. I guess for me, total range would be ~50 miles.

I regularly go above 20mph and have touched 39mph once and easily touch 25mph. The bike feels solid and very stable at high speed. I am happy I got Class-3 as I go above 20mph very often.
This bike even on boost gives me decent workout and my heart rates stay at 105 bpm during my ride.

After getting my bike, I did upgrade Enviolo hub with latest firmware and changed the custom setting in Brose to 25/50/75/100%. Also changed my cadence in Enviolo from 75rpm to 70rpm.

The drag in Enviolo is definitely there but with e-motor I think it becomes a non issue.

The front lights are really bright even during day time.

I really love the feeling of Enviolo Automatiq and I think this should be the future of ebikes. No need to think about changing gears at all.

I like the geometry of the bike and it feels well build. I was able to assemble it in 15 mins and it is a super quiet ride.