Moustache Xroad 2 2020 low step 625Wh

Bought a Bob Yak 28 plus trailer to tow behind Xroad. Not straight forward fit but it works. Mounting bolt for bottom right of rack sticks out by 2-3mms to much to for trailer hitch. Swapped for smaller head bolt (M5 Panhead) and thinner washer. The rack also interfers when attaching trailer, have wife tilt bike over at 45degree on kickstand while I attach unladen trailer. On plus side nobody is going to steal it in hurry. Can't use my 22L Vaude panniers as they rub against yoke, the 15l panniers work fine and all I should need for tour. Only use them for items I need during day eg lunch, jackets etc. The 95L trailer bag is massive, for my initial test run around block loaded with 2 man tent, 2x thermarest + sleepbags, pile clothes, charger and couple spare batteries. This would be typical camping touring load for two.

Little warbly at low speed especially when heavily ladden not too bad with moderate load. This may go away once I've clocked up few 100kms. Once upto speed +10kmh I soon forget trailer is there. Excellent tracking and can take some quite tight turns.
Parking can be issue as it is long rig. Need to keep front brake applied (rubber band) when parked with heavily load as it pivots around kick stand.
There are definitely pros and cons with trailer but big pro for me is my wife can tour with lightly laden bike. She isn't into camping so likely to be only moderate load with her as we will stay in motels. Camping is for solo trips or with my son who can ride unladen muggles bike, this also gives me 2 spare 625wh batteries.
One plus over panniers is only one big bag to carry into motel not 4-6 panniers.