Moustache Xroad 2 2020 low step 625Wh


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Just bought this bike for wife. The local distributor ordered them with 625Wh battery and 4A charger, great combination for touring which these bikes excel at.
Has gen4 65nm Performance line motor, not much difference in power to my gen3 CX. This Performance Line supports eMTB mode which I had them enable. Great for inner city riding where you need instant power, but it won't bite like Turbo can in tight situations.

9spd speed range is fine for commuting and cheap to maintain, may upgrade to 10spd 11-40cassette in future along with brakes. MT200 ok but differently entry level brakes, most likely fit Deore M6000s as cheap enough and excellent brakes.
Impressed with headlight, bright and excellent spread, big improvement on her old ebikes, which had same 30lux but narrower beam.

Will update later once my wife has done few kms.
Looking forward to review. Take a pic too please because internet search shows dozens of different bikes, most very attractive and would be contenders for my next ebike. Thanks, Barry
Sorry no photo buts its same as one on Moustache webpage.

200kms and no problems. Bike is all we hope for with no surprises. Fast agile bike capable of handle grade 2-3 single track and rough fireroads while stilling being comfortable long distance tourer and excellent commuter. Think of it as ebike equivalent of SUV. 625wh battery means 80-100km days aren't problem without lunch time topup. We typically target 50-70km.

Hill climbing is excellent not much in it compared to and my old gen2 CX. Definitely quieter and smoother. Bosch has finally made walk mode work as expected, wish they would offer SW upgrade fix on gen2 motors.

Fitted Suntour NCX suspension seat post (highly recommended) and seat from old bike. Wife preferred old seat which she had done 6000kms on without a problem.

Brakes definitely need upgrading to Deores , not as good as Magura hydraulic rims brakes on her Reptila 900. Will also change to 10spd with 11-42 cassette, nice have extra low gear for odd tight uphill sections as it gives wife better control.

While being excellent bike it is overpriced for what you get, but unfortunately there just isn't lot options for low step touring bikes this capable offroad. Go to diamond frame and there are lot more choices and better value for money.

May eventually buy one for myself.
I had shop add frame lock. Ordered Deore brakes which should make quite difference. We do lot of hill riding hence need for better brakes. By time I finish will be close to xroad 5 spec but quite bit cheaper.
Upgraded gears to SLX 10s with 11-42t cassette, derailleur and shifters were taken from my low use manual bike. The extra low 42t will be rarely used but nice to have for steep 4wd tracks.
Fitted the Deore 2 pot brakes, big improvement in performance and feel. Kept rear MT200 hose as Deore was to short and hassle to replace. Deore is better quality hose but braking seems fine and don't feel need to upgrade to 180mm disc.
Also went tubeless. Not straight forward like on my MTBs, took lot to seal tyres had lot of minor leaks around rim. Time seem to be best fix, reinflated few times over couple days and spun wheel to spread sealant around.
I ordered the Deore M6100 which have handlebar mount half way down cylinder, M6000 on my other bike had mount closer to lever. See images on line and your see what I'm talking about. On right there wasn't enough room for bell and on left had to mount Purion display more horizontal than I'd like. In end swapped M6000 off the other bike. Brake position now perfect for 2 finger operation. If considing SLX and XT from same 2 pot family check images against part number, I think XT M8000 while M8100 is same mount as M6100. Not looked into i-Spec II mount where shift bolts to brake mount but suspect it will make things easier.

After clocking up few 100kms on wife's bike decide to buy Xroad 5 open, would've preferred close as it has more bottle mounts but they are out of stock. 2021 versions are months away and they've switch to horizontal powertube battery which isn't compatible wife's vertical battery. Interchangeable batteries was big part of decision making, allows us buy one spare in future for more range, most likely 400 or 500wh. Moustache don't state what type is used in there product spec, do your homework if you need compatible batteries for different bikes.
Will see how MT400 brakes workout on Xroad 5 but suspect upgrade will be on cards, probably be XT with i-Spec II mount.
I've asked shop to swap Intuvia display for Purion, personal preference thing.

The one area Moustache let themselves down is choice of entry level brakes on expensive bike, even 7 only gets MT400 with 180 +160mm rotors. Most competition in same price bracket would be offering high quality 2pot if not 4pot brakes with larger rotors.
Had Xroad 5 now for few weeks and 300kms with half that weekend trip with panniers carrying overnight clothes. Really comfortable touring bike with some offroad capability. Highly recommend it as tourer and commuter as bonus it will also let you explore dirt roads and smooth single tracks.

Have ordered some SLX brakes, changed stem to slightly more upright one and seat for one I had which works for me. Factory seat maybe OK but I don't feel need to try it when one I have suits me.
Running 2.15 Big Ben road tyre on rear, better suited for commuting and touring I do. NB there is significant difference volume between 2.0 and 2.15 Big Ben, well worth trying to source 2.15.
Great feedback on bikes. I've been investigating Moustache bikes. As much as they are expensive, they sell and price in Canadian, within Canada, and that usually means you don't get hammered as hard on exchange and / or they are considering other factors into their pricing decisions. No question that your paying a couple of thousand premium per bike though. I like the Xroad versions, though I'd be temped with the FS models. I really like the Samedi 27 Weekend Version & the benefit of two batteries - looks like a pretty amazing bike, though it's $10K Canadian plus 15% tax. I wasn't sure if the 2.1 tires were quite wide enough for the off road part of our biking. I guess you can get the wide option, though not sure if it can be done with the Xroad, and get 2.8 tire width. I think I prefer the 2.6 tire width that comes with the Samedi 27 Weekend - which would be perfect for me, though I'd rather my wife had something around 2.3 or 2.4 on tire width.
If you ride rough trails and fire roads, FS is way to go. I've both a FS and HT eMTB, on rough fire roads FS will climb at full power while HT is limited by back wheel bouncing around.
In saying that the hardtail Xroads are fine just need to go at slower pace. The 2.1 tyres are OK at 30psi on rough services at moderate pace, there is quite a bit clearance under mudguards so 2.25 eg Smart Sam maybe possible, 2.35 is probably pushing it.
Nice to see Moustache offering dual batteries, should also available on HT in future. R&M Delite & Homage are still better tourers as rack and luggage benefit from suspension. Samedi rack is connected directly to rear wheel not only is it unsuspended but also increases unsprung weight reducing effectiveness of suspension. Load it up and ride may not be much better than HT.
Those are very interesting points. Particularly the rack being directly connected to the rear wheel. Wish I had some experience ebiking with both so the decision would be more obvious. I wonder how many other FS ebikes have suspended rack and luggage. I hope I can test out a few of these bikes before buying, but I fear not, the way everything is selling. You should post some pics or a video in action. I'll try to find out what the experts say about how wide a tire can go on the Xroads. thanks,
1000kms now, still happy with bike. Just replaced factory Hutchison rear tire on wifes bike at 1800kms, given the XC tread wasn't surprised at high wear rate, front is still fine. Fitted Big Ben 2.15 with is better suited to our riding which is commuting and rail trails type tracks. Big Ben is also lot quieter.

My SLX brakes arrived same day as pads on front brakes needed replacing, timing couldn't have been better. Swapped MT400 for SLX. Rear will have to wait till I have more time, need to replace hose which runs through frame and around motor. Deores calipers use same hose fitting as MT400, while SLX is different. Cheaper upgrade is to just fit Deore calipers, definitely easier install and MT400 levers aren't bad, not sure what increase in brake performance would be. Can always upgrade levers later if need be.
1500kms on Xroad5 now with week of touring on cycle trails. Very comfortable on long distance rides. I've never thought about ride till using wife's Xroad2 for usual commute and notice bumper ride on front. The Mobie forks on Xroad5 are definitely worth extra money.
10spd vs 11spd 11-42 cassette. Gears 10spd are 11,13,15,18,21,24,28,32,37,42. 11spd just replaces 18 with 17 &19. For commuting I typically on 15t at around 28kmh, 17t 25kmh and 19t low 20-22s. 18t is in low 20s range. The 20-25kmh range ideal for long distance touring, 18t 23kmh is probably sweet spot but that well depend on your cadence. For 32kmhr motor there is nothing in it but for 25kmhr 11spd is probably better option especially if 17t lets you stay on 25kmhr for commutes. The 11spd does allow for 11-46t cassette but I've rarely used 42t and not found need for 46t yet, if towing heavy trailer it would be worthwhile upgrade.
Shifting quality is very good on any of Shimano Deore-XT range so there isn't lot it between Xroad3 10spd deore and Xroad 5 11spd SLX.

If you find you self in between gears for engine cutoff its possible to change chainring up or down to find that sweet spot. I'm either at 28kmh or 32kmh 13t but power drops off after 30kmhr so 13t is bit high for commuting, 14t would be ideal for my cadence.
I find on my Dimanche 29.5, one gear change is 10 RPM cadence for the same speed. So I jut hover between 85 and 95 cadence.
Just fitted 27.5 x 2.35 Johnny Watts tires to Xroad. Plenty of clearance on front, but not lot on rear. Expecting a bit of rubbing when it picks up mud till it clears. Mission getting tires on 24mm rims really designed for wider 35mm rim, found holding in place by clamping between my knees while fitting rest of tire in place. I'd recommend buying one at time and see how they fit your bike as rear maybe issue if your guards are out of alignment.

To early to say what they are like offroad but most importantly very quiet on seal. See other threads on performance reviews.
Extra volume and low 23-50psi range will be ideal for rough surfaces. Expecting longer life out of these tires compared to Hutchison as they have more surface area on road.

Puncture protection should be good as they have green guard. While swapping tires found cuts with bits of glass in the Big Ben, green guard had done its job and was visible on few of cuts. Not had puncture yet with 6000kms on Big Ben's, in saying that the original Hutchison have also been excellent in this regard.
Court has just reviewed Xroad 2 with 500wH battery. Ours came with 625wH and it's definitely worth the upgrade for touring along with extra 42t on rear from my 10spd upgrade. I swapped headlight for more powerful 80lux one I had and discover factory 30lux is far better as daytime running light. I struggle to see 80lux in my mirror when looking for wife while 30lux was always easy to spot which is great safety feature. If you need more lighting for unlit roads in winter consider additional battery light before upgrading light.
While Hutchison factory tires maybe noisy and short lived (2000km on rear) we've never had puncture between two bikes. That is few 1000kms of commuting and touring. After few 100kms on Johnny Watts I think they are perfect match for these bikes, see previous posts.
The long 625 powertube does fit in a 24litre pannier but not as easy to transport as old 500wh powerpack. Needing key to install battery is bit of hassle but makes for secure fit, I've had older 500wh powerpack fall out because it wasn't clicked home. For few times I remove battery happy trade extra hassle for secure fit given how expensive batteries are.

NB wife's Xroad 2 came with fixed stem, adjustable one must been 2021 upgrade.