Motor noise.

Motor on wife's Interceptor is making quite a racket. Are the motors fixable or usually R&R?
You may be able to repair with a motor core, but if the motor has loose magnets there may be significant damage. I'm sorry I don't know which motor you have.
Hi, it could just be the disk rotor rubbing on the brake caliper - the motors do make some noise, I have opened an element motor, theirs a "clutch" plate with three rotary gears fixed to the axle, the motor casing rotates on the rotary gear, could possibly be that the gear teeth are broken, this could be replaced, get your local pedego mechanic to open up the motor and check!
Wow, I thought My 2015 CITY COMMUTER had a MOTOR ISSUE,…The Intermitant Rough Scraping Sound I Was Hearing Convinced me…( So I Thought ),…That It was A Hub Motor Issue !….So, For 2 Years I thought That I Would Eventually have it Looked at By The Closest Dealer 50 Miles away. Well, Last Month I Finally Popped out the Brake Pads & After Seeing they were worn out,…i Replaced them. PROBLEM SOLVED,…That Scraping Noise was from Worn out BRAKE PADS & NOT The MOTOR !!!😎👍
Good on you for reporting back. Over the years I'd seen this same sort of phantom noise and customers were convinced it was some motor-related and MANY times it wasn't. And many got cranky.